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Bonded Neodymium Magnet

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Bonded NdFeB magnets are manufactured with melt spinning of a thin ribbon of NdFeB alloy. This ribbon contains randomly oriented Nd2Fe14B nano-scale grains. Then, the ribbon is pulverized into particles and mixed with a polymer. At last, it is compressed into bonded neodymium magnets. Bonded NIB magnets are excellent choice over many other magnets which have limits on shapes, such as sintered neodymium magnet, sintered samarium cobalt magnet and hard ferrites. Our bonded NdFeB magnets are widely employed in micro motors, CD-ROM, DVD, personal stereos, phone vibrator motors, etc.

1. They are hard and brittle.
2. Bonded neodymium magnets are featured by high demagnetization resistance.
3. With coating or electroplating layer on the surface, bonded NdFeB magnets will have high erosion-resistance.
4. High performance price ratio makes them popularly sold.
5. Bonded NIB magnets are not suitable in high temperature working environment.

DO NOT place bonded NdFeB magnets in following environments to prevent them from rusting or reducing magnetic performance.
1. Acid or Alkali Liquor
2. Organic Solvent
3. Electrolyte
4. Water or Oil
5. Hydrogen
6. Active Gas like Chlorine, Ammonia, Oxynitride
7. Radiation or Radioactive Rays

Package and Delivery of Bonded NdFeB Magnets
1. Bonded neodymium magnets are packaged in cartons.
2. During transportation, handle the cargo with care. Besides, the cargo should stay away from shock impact and rain. They should be placed in ventilated, dry, no-erosion environment.
3. Deliver cycle is about 20 days.

Changzhou Magnetic Device Factory (Changzhou Magnetic Co., Ltd.) is dedicated to production of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies since its foundation in 1990. In recent years, its production targets are permanent ferrite magnet and rare earth magnet products. As strong permanent magnets, bonded NdFeB magnets (bonded neodymium magnets) are popularly utilized in many industrial fields.