Relay Magnets

Category : Ferrite Magnets

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Magnetic materials for relays are widely used in industrial production and daily life. Relay is an electric component which uses relay magnet to operate a switching mechanism. It controls long-distance circuits by signals in various applications, such as automatic control system, distance control, telemetry system, electric power protection, communication system, etc. Ferrite magnets for relays make this electric component capable of fulfilling dangerous work.

Our magnetic materials for relays have passed various certifications, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/t28001, SGS, etc.

Relay magnets are placed in cartons during delivery. Cargos should be handled carefully. Besides, prevent them from being impacted, crashed and exposed to rain. Instead, they should be placed in ventilated, dry and no-erosion environment.

Our permanent magnets, including magnetic materials for relays, are popularly sold in many countries and areas, including America, Japan, HongKong, Southeast, etc. We are reliable magnet assembly supplier for many famous companies in China, such as Shinmei Electric, Shenzhen Original Electric, Shanghai BST Electrical Appliance Manufacturing, Shanghai Wanjia Relays, Dongguan Sanyou Electrical Appliance, Zhejiang Great Electrical, etc.