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1. With magnetic energy product 10 times larger than ferrites, magnets in toys are featured by great magnetic performance. Majority of toy magnets are neodymium magnets.
2. It is easy to conduct machining processing NdFeB magnets used in toys.
3. NIB magnets are hard and brittle.
4. It has high cost performance ratio.
5. Magnets in toys can work well even in 200℃.
6. Because of low corrosion resistance, NdFeB magnets should be covered with protective claddings like Zn, Ni, etc.

Manufacturing Process
NIB magnets in toys are made from the alloy of neodymium, iron, boron and a few transition metals. After this alloy is compacted into a die, sinter this die and fuse these materials into solid items. At last, the sintered toy magnets should accept machining in order to meet specified tolerance. In processing procedures above, there are two pressing ways: die pressing and isostatic pressing.

Machining & Tolerance
Generally, magnets in toys must be machined with diamond-grinding techniques. Sometimes, machining operations may be performed on NIB magnets with carbide tools, but surface finishes for neodymium magnets are not good enough. Standard tolerances for NdFeB magnets are +/- 0.1 mm, but stricter tolerances are required in specific applications.

Notes for Using Magnets in Toys
1. Keep toy magnets away from people who are using cardiac pacemakers or other medical devices, because magnets may cause malfunction of medical devices, threatening life of these people.
2. Clean out magnets during installation, because magnetic chippings may arise when two magnets crash to each other.
3. Keep magnets in toys away from magnetic recording media and other devices which are sensitive to magnetism, such as magnetic card, hard disk drive, watch, etc.
4. Take care when using a bulky NdFeB magnet which is of strong magnetism, no matter it is sintered NdFeB magnet or bonded NIB magnet, because it can cause damage to machineries or hurt people.

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