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Neodymium magnets for mobile phones produced by us are in various shapes, such as square, disc, cylinder, arch, ring, etc. Besides, we offer custom mobile magnets according to different requirements from customers. Apart from magnet shapes, we also apply custom surface treatments for mobile NdFeB magnets, such as coating of nickel, zinc, gold, black epoxy resin, etc.

What We Do before Purchase
1. Taking working temperature and humidity into considerations before offering right neodymium magnets for mobile phone.
2. We will choose magnets which meet specific magnetic properties, sizes, tolerances, surface treatments, etc.
3. Acceptance standard and inspection mode required by you are important for us.
4. Package and delivery of mobile magnets should meet customers’ requirements.
5. Let us know your purchase quantity.

1. Because neodymium magnets for mobile phones are hard and brittle, you should handle it carefully.
2. When two magnets are tightly attracted to each other, do not pull them apart directly. Instead, you should slowly push or pull them along the contact surface.
3. Prevent magnets from impact force, or, the strong magnetic bulk and chippings may hurt fingers.
4. Keep them away from iron items and other objects which can be magnetized easily, such as floppy disk, computer displayer, debit card, watch, magnetic medical apparatus and instruments.
5. Neodymium magnets for mobile phones should be placed in no-damp isoperibol.
6. Bulky magnetic materials used as mobile magnets materials should be covered with plastics, cartons, rigid foams, etc.

Changzhou Nanji Magntic Device Factory (Changzhou Magnetic Co., Ltd.) delivers a comprehensive magnet range, including permanent ferrite magnets and rare earth magnets. We are long-standing magnets assembly supplier for many famous companies in China, such as Shinmei Electric, Shenzhen Original Electric, Shanghai BST Electrical Appliance Manufacturing, Shanghai Wanjia Relays, Dongguan Sanyou Electrical Appliance, Zhejiang Great Electrical, etc. Like other magnet products, our neodymium magnets for mobile phones are widely sold at home and abroad.