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Square magnets manufactured by us are mainly neodymium magnets and ferrite magnets. We also produce cylinder magnets, disc magnets, sphere magnets, etc. Besides, custom magnets are manufactured according to special applications. Equipped with advanced facilities, our company can accurately process various magnets which are in complex structure or in micro size.

Features of Square Magnets
Square neodymium magnets are featured by large remanence, high coercivity, large magnetic energy product, etc. Unlike NIB magnets, square ferromagnets are characterized with high temperature resistance, high magnetic permeability and obvious brittleness. Besides, it is easy for them to reach magnetic saturation. Square magnets made from both NIB alloy and ferrite have high cost performance ratio.

Our magnets, including NIB magnets and ferrite magnets, are widely used in many industrial products, such as sensors, motors, rotors, wind turbines, wind generators, speakers, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles, and so on. There is a magnet application list of square magnets for reference as follows.

1. Keep square magnets away from people who are using cardiac pacemakers or other medical devices, because magnets may result in malfunction of medical devices, threatening life of these people.
2. Keep them away from magnetic recording media and other devices sensitive to magnetism, such as magnetic card, hard disk drive, watch, and so on.
3. Clean out square magnets during installation, because magnetic chippings may arise when two magnets crash to each other.
4. Take care when using a bulky neodymium magnet or ferrite magnet, which is of strong magnetism, because it can cause damage to machineries or hurt people.

Separating Two Magnets
If two square magnets, no matter ferromagnets or NIB magnets, are tightly attached to each other, do not pull them directly apart, instead, you just need quite a bit of force which is equal to the magnetism to push them apart. Details are as follows:
(1) Hold one magnet in your left hand, and move the other magnet in horizontal direction with index finger and thumb of your right hand. Then, the two magnets are pushed apart.
(2) After square magnets are separated, do not put them onto other magnets to prevent them from being attracted tightly again. Instead, you should put each magnet away from other magnets or iron items (about 16 cm away), or, you can cover the separated neodymium magnet or ferromagnet with thick paper. If you want to put one magnet back into the other magnet, you should slowly move it back from the edge to the deepest part of the other magnet. Above operations should be handled gently, besides, make sure that your hands hold ferrite magnets or NIB magnets tightly.

With well trained engineers, specialists and 150 special manufacturing facilities, Changzhou Magnetic Co., Ltd. can produce 100 million rare-earth magnets and 60 million permanent ferrite assemblies every year, including square magnets like neodymium magnets and ferromagnets. Last year, our sale volume of all the magnetic devices was more than 60 million RMB.