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Speaker Neodymium Magnet

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Speaker magnets are important components in loudspeakers. They can be divided into soft material magnets and hard material magnets. As hard magnets, NdFeB magnets for speakers are expensive, but they have much better performance than common magnets.

1. Made from ferrites, hard magnets are widely sold because of high cost performance ratio. These hard magnets are more popular than NdFeB magnets, because they are much more economical.
2. Soft magnets are made from NdFeB or NdNiCo. Besides, they are processed through sintering and electroplating. So, soft material speaker magnets are 10 times expensive than hard magnets. Soft magnets, especially NdFeB magnets for speakers are always used in high-quality speakers because, compared with ferrite magnets, they are smaller in size and have larger magnetic induction strength (B).

Neodymium speakers have various advantages over ceramic magnet speakers. In the same size, NdFeB speaker magnet has larger acoustical signal output than ceramic magnet speaker. Besides, neodymium magnets can generate larger magnetic flux density, which makes acoustical signal transmission efficient and decreases voice distortion.

Processing of NdFeB Magnets for Speakers
1. Materials Preparing
2. Smelting
3. Smashing
4. Making Power
5. Pressing
6. Sintering Materials of Speaker Magnets
7. Checking the Magnetism
8. Grinding
9. Machining
10. Electroplating
11. Magnetizing
12. Packaging NdFeB Magnets for Speakers

1. Keep speaker magnets away from people who are using cardiac pacemakers or other medical devices, because magnets may cause malfunction of medical devices, threatening life of these people.
2. Clean out magnets during installation, because magnetic chippings may arise when two magnets crash to each other.
3. Take care when using a bulky neodymium magnet which is of strong magnetism, because it can cause damage to machineries or hurt people.
4. Keep NdFeB magnets for speakers away from magnetic recording media and other devices sensitive to magnetism, such as magnetic card, hard disk drive, watch, etc.

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