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Relay Neodymium Magnet

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Relay sintered neodymium magnets are made from the alloy of neodymium, iron, boron and various rare elements (Dy, Al, Nb, Ga, Mo, Co, etc.) in high-heat inert gases environment or in high-heat vacuum condition. As NdFeB magnets for relay, it is widely used in mobile phones, household appliances, electronic equipments, etc. Besides, sintered NIB magnets are also utilized in packaging, toys, magnetic therapy, etc.

1. As the king of magnets, relay sintered neodymium magnets are featured by significantly high magnetic energy product and large coercivity.
2. It is of strong hardness and obvious brittleness. Besides, it has great resistance to demagnetization.
3. Sintered NdFeB magnets for relay have high cost performance and good mechanical characteristics.
4. Because of low anti-erosion, sintered NIB magnets should be painted with protective claddings.
5. Relay sintered neodymium magnets are not suitable in high-heat working condition.

We have accumulated large amount of experience on technology and production since foundation of Changzhou Magnetic Device Factory in 1990. Besides, we bring in more special equipments and manufacturing techniques. Our original products are tape heads, but now, advanced and comprehensive products are produced. For example, our NdFeB magnets for relay, magnetic sensor, etc. are commonly applied in electronic devices. In recent years, our production targets are mainly permanent ferrite magnets and rare earth magnets, including relay sintered neodymium magnets.