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Like rare earth permanent magnets, ferrite magnetic materials for motors are widely used no matter capacity of motor is very small (measured by unit of dBm) or very large (measured by unit of KVA). Ferrite magnets in motors are commonly utilized in industrial production and daily life. With motor ferrite magnets, there is no need to install a magnetic winding or magnetizing exciter. Hence, copper and electricity is greatly saved.

Surface Treatment for Ferrite Magnetic Materials for Motors
Surface treatments are applied in manufacturing process. In surface treatment, various anti-corrosion cladding are used, include Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, Ag, Au and other special plating.

Customized Ferrite Magnets in Motors
Most of our magnets are customized. They are in various shapes, such as arc, square, cylinder, ring, etc.

Products manufactured by our company, including ferrite magnetic materials for motors, are utilized in wide applications. In details, they are used in security systems, magnetic separators, magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic door catches, sensors, speakers, microphones, earphones, magnetic couplings, magnetic chucks, magnetic toys, magnetic tools, etc. Our products are widely sold at home and abroad.