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Magnetic objects are magnetized materials or materials which can create their own magnetic fields. There are two kinds of magnetic materials: paramagnetic materials and ferromagnetic materials. A phenomenon that magnetic field makes two objects attract to or repel each other is known as magnetism.

Categories of Magnetic Objects
1. Paramagnetic Substances
With small positive magnetic susceptibility, they can be slightly attracted by a magnetic field. Paramagnetic materials show paramagnetism due to some unpaired electrons. Besides, realignment of electron paths caused by external magnetic field also makes some subjects show magnetic properties. But if external magnetic field is removed, these magnetic objects will not retain magnetism. They are often chemical elements like magnesium, molybdenum, lithium and tantalum.

2. Ferromagnetic Materials
With large positive susceptibility, they exhibit strong attraction to a magnetic field. Even external magnetic field is removed, these magnetic objects still retain magnetism. Spin of electrons in atoms is the main source of ferromagnetism, although there is also a contribution from orbital angular moment of electrons around nucleus. When these tiny magnetic dipoles are aligned in the same direction, their individual magnetic fields together create a measurable macroscopic field. Unlike paramagnetic materials, common ferromagnetic objects are iron, nickel and cobalt. Their components are inspected with magnetic particle method.

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