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1. Ferrite magnets for ammeters are hard and brittle.
2. With week erosion resistance, ammeter ferrite magnets always accept special surface treatments.
3. Maximum operating temperature of ferrite materials for meters is 250 ºC.
4. In manufacturing process, diamond cutting tools are applied.

Ferrite magnets for ammeters manufactured by us are in various shapes like square, cylinder, disc, sphere, etc. Besides, we can produce custom magnets according to special applications. In terms of manufacturing magnets which are in complex structure and small size, we have obvious advantages over most other magnet manufacturers in China.

1. Keep ferrite magnets for ammeters away from people who are using cardiac pacemakers or other medical devices, because they may cause malfunction of medical devices, threatening life of these people.
2. Clean out magnets during installation, because magnetic chippings may arise when two magnets crash to each other.
3. Keep ammeter ferrite magnets away from magnetic recording media and other devices sensitive to magnetism, such as magnetic card, hard disk drive, watch, etc.
4. Take care when using ferrite magnets for ammeters which are of strong magnetism, because they may cause damage to machineries or hurt people.

Now, Changzhou Magnetic Device Factory has registered its own trade mark---NANJIMAG and becomes the AAA enterprise in Changzhou, Jiangsu province (it means the top enterprise according to China Credit Example Certificate System). By virtue of advanced techniques and abundant production experience, we will continue to offer quality and low-cost magnet products to customers, including ferrite magnets for ammeters.