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Sintered Neodymium Magnet

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As lanthanide series of elements in the periodic table, sintered neodymium magnets (sintered NdFeB magnets or sintered NIB magnets) are also known as rare earth magnets. Featured by outstanding magnetic properties, they are the most powerful magnets used today. Although there are significant amount of ore deposits of lanthanide elements around the world, rare earth is still considered as exotic material. The two most commonly known rare earth magnets are sintered neodymium magnets and samarium cobalt magnets.

Our sintered NdFeB magnets are manufactured into different shapes, such as disks, cylinders, rings, rectangles, squares, arc segments, wedges and other customized shapes.

Attentions about Sintered Neodymium Magnet
1. Because of high brittleness, sintered NIB magnets are not available for making structural components.
2. With high magnetic strength, they should be produced under strict safety regulations.
3. Do not make sintered NdFeB magnets crash each other, because they will shatter and become airborne, resulting in potential dangers.
4. Keep sintered neodymium magnets away from young children, because kids may swallow them, which may cause asphyxiation.

Our original products are tape heads, but now, advanced and comprehensive products are widely used in many devices, such as relay, magnetic sensor, microwave device and other magnetic devices for household appliances, electronic toys, hardware, plastic industry, etc. In recent years, our production targets are mainly permanent ferrite magnets and rare earth magnets, including sintered neodymium magnets.