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Sensor Neodymium Magnet

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Sensor neodymium magnets are commonly used in transducers. In modern industry and electronics, sensor magnet helps magnetic transducer to sense magnetic field strength and measure physical parameters like current, position, motion, direction, etc. In technical field of magnetoresistive transducers, there are many different types of sensors for measuring magnetic field and other physical parameters.

1. With chemical composition of Nd2Fe14B as material, sensor neodymium magnet is produced in powder metallurgical method.
2. It is brittle and hard.
3. Sensor NdFeB magnet is featured by high cost performance ratio.
4. Sensor magnet has high resistance to magnetic demagnetization.
5. Although it has reasonable temperature stability, NIB magnet is not suitable in high-temperature working condition.
6. Compared with other magnetic materials, sensor neodymium magnet has poorer corrosion resistance.

Processing Procedures
1. Materials Preparing
2. Melting
3. Making Powder
4. Pressing
5. Sintering
6. Magnetism Inspection for Sensor Magnet
7. Grinding Sensor Neodymium Magnet
8. Pinning and Cutting
9. Electroplating
10. Getting Final Products

In recent years, our production targets are mainly quality permanent ferrite magnets and rare earth magnets. In China, our magnet products are used by branches of many international famous enterprises, such as Motorola, Fujitsu, LG, and so on. As the most commonly used rare earth magnet, NdFeB magnet is popularly sold for industrial applications, such as relay magnet, motor NdFeB magnet, sensor neodymium magnet, etc.