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Ferrite Magnet Application

  • Relay MagnetsMagnetic materials for relays are widely used in industrial production and daily life. Relay is an electric component which uses relay magnet to operate a switching mechanism. It controls long-distance circuits by signals in various applications, such as automatic control system...
  • Sensor Magnets1. Ferrite magnet for sensors has high cost performance ratio.
    2. It is easy to conduct machining on sensor ferrite magnets.
    3. Maximum operating temperature of ferromagnet in sensor is 250 ºC.
    4. It is brittle and hard...
  • Motor MagnetsLike rare earth permanent magnets, ferrite magnetic materials for motors are widely used no matter capacity of motor is very small (measured by unit of dBm) or very large (measured by unit of KVA). Ferrite magnets in motors are commonly utilized in industrial production...
  • Meter Magnets1. Ferrite magnets for ammeters are hard and brittle.
    2. With week erosion resistance, ammeter ferrite magnets always accept special surface treatments.
    3. Maximum operating temperature of ferrite materials...
  • Microwave MagnetsMicrowave ferrite magnets can generate constant magnetic field to control electric current so that microwave signal is amplified and information can be smoothly transmitted. Microwave magnets are widely used in magnetrons, cathode-ray tubes, isolators...

Ferromagnets are mainly made from iron oxides through sintering process. So, ferrite magnets are usually non-conductive ferromagnetic compounds derived from hematite (Fe2O3), magnetite (Fe3O4) or other metal oxides. Like ceramic, ferrite permanent magnets are hard and brittle. In terms of magnetic properties, ferrites are always classified into “soft ferrites” and “hard ferrites”. Soft ferrites are featured by low coercivity, while hard ferrites are characterized by high coercivity.

1. We are specialized in manufacturing various kinds of permanent magnets, including square magnets, cylinder magnets, disc magnets, sphere magnets, etc. Ferromagnets made by us are accurately processed.
2. Custom magnets are manufactured according to specific applications. Besides, we can produce magnets which are complex in structure and small in size.
3. Our products, including ferrite magnets, have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 and SGS certifications.

Applications of Ferromagnets
<1> Relay Magnets
<2> Sensor Magnets
<3> Motor Magnets
<4> Meter Magnets
<5> Microwave Magnets

Features of Ferrite Magnets
1. Ferromagnets are featured by great high-heat resistance, high cost performance ratio, large magnetic permeability.
2. It is easy to reach magnetic saturation for ferrite permanent magnets.
3. They are hard and brittle.
4. Epoxy resin is spayed to the surface to mark polarity.

Manufacturing Process
1. Preparing Material for Ferromagnets
2. Pre-Heating
3. Smashing Material
4. Ball-Milling
5. Making Powder
6. Pressing Powder
7. Sintering Powder
8. Machining Ferromagnets
9. Inspection of Ferrite Magnets
10. Packaging

1. Keep them away from people who are using cardiac pacemakers or other medical devices, because magnets may cause malfunction of medical devices, threatening life of these people.
2. Keep magnets away from magnetic recording media and other devices sensitive to magnetism, such as magnetic card, hard disk drive, watch, etc.
3. Clean out ferromagnets during installation, because magnetic chippings may arise when two magnets crash to each other.
4. Take care when using bulky magnets which are of strong magnetism, because they may cause damage to machineries or hurt people.

During transportation, handle the cargo with care. Besides, the cargo should be shockproof, rainproof and be placed in ventilated, dry, no-erosion environment.

Maintenance of Ferromagnets
DO NOT place ferrite permanent magnets in following environments to prevent ferrite magnets from rusting or reducing magnetic performance.
1. Acid or Alkali Liquor
2. Organic Solvent
3. Electrolyte
4. Water or Oil
5. Hydrogen
6. Active Gas like Chlorine, Ammonia, Oxynitride
7. Radiation or Radioactive Rays

Our products, including ferromagnets, are popularly sold in many countries and areas, including America, Japan, HongKong, Southeast Asia, etc. With well trained engineers, skillful specialists, reliable staffs and 150 special manufacturing facilities, Changzhou Magnetic Co., Ltd. can produce 100 million rare-earth magnets and 60 million permanent ferrite assemblies every year. Last year, our sale volume of all the magnetic devices was more than 60 million RMB.